Transforming British Woods

Durable timber for cladding, decking and joinery

Brimstone is a beautiful range of durable British-grown wood for cladding, decking and joinery.

Better British

We use thermal modification to transform locally grown wood into award winning cladding. We don't use nasty chemicals - just heat. The result is an attractive, durable timber for outdoor use.

Better British

By using British woods, we’re supporting local broadleaf woodlands. This supports local species and rural jobs, while reducing the environmental impact of global timber transportation.

Five reasons to choose Brimstone

Love local

Why import wood from thousands of miles away when it grows just down the road? Brimstone is all grown in England and Wales – usually within 100 miles of our sawmill.

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Tried and Tested

The clever Scandinavians did all the hard work developing this process. We did a whole lot of testing just to be sure. It works.

Five reasons 02

Conservation costs

Woodlands rely on income from selling wood to pay for conservation work. Buying Brimstone means you’re supporting tree planting and helping to increase biodiversity.

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Natural beauty

It looks amazing. In fact, one complaint we get is that it looks too good to leave outside.

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Nothing but heat

That’s it. No nasty chemicals, just intense heat. Heating wood above 160°C is an age-old way of preserving it.

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It will make you smile*

*This is not scientifically proven but it keeps happening.

Five reasons 06
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What is Brimstone?

Created with nothing but heat, Brimstone is a durable and stable modified wood, made exclusively from locally grown hardwoods. Watch the colour change as the temperature rises.

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Brimstone Awards

Projects with impact

Want to see how our clients are using Brimstone? Here are some recent projects that have had a positive impact on the world.

Brimstone cladding on the first homes certified 'Grown In Britain'

Brimstone cladding on the first homes certified 'Grown In Britain'

Future proof, energy-efficient homes made of locally grown wood.
Lagom Scandinavian House
Lagom 1

Lagom Scandinavian House

Bringing scandi style to seaside home
Wood Centre for Innovation
Stansfield park innovation center 2

Wood Centre for Innovation

Bringing natural beauty at an innovative Science Park
Shropshire Affordable Housing
Shropshire 5

Shropshire Affordable Housing

Offering style as well as substance
Malvern Hill House
Endevour malvern hill house 3

Malvern Hill House

Beautiful finishing touches to this Grand Design home
Grade II Listed Farmhouse
Farmhouse 1

Grade II Listed Farmhouse

Ticking all the boxes for this special farmhouse development
Isle of Man House
Isle of man 5

Isle of Man House

Brimstone comes out top
Bath New Build
Bath stone 2

Bath New Build

A quality material with conservation at its heart
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