Lagom Scandinavian House

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Introducing ‘Lagom’, the timber home inspired by the log houses of Sweden.

This stylish home was built using the latest technology. It is cross laminated solid wood framed and clad with Brimstone.

The owners started building their dream home with a specific Scandinavian look in mind, but they also wanted to make their house as low impact as possible.

We’re pleased that Brimstone played a part in making this a reality.

The story behind the building

After decades of planning, the owners of this amazing project chose Honka Fusion Technology from Finland for the superstructure of the house. This was constructed off-site in a state of the art factory and then assembled within days on the site in Minehead.

With the main structure complete, Brimstone was then used for the exterior cladding.

Authentic scandinavian style

The owners were drawn to Brimstone poplar for its stylish aesthetic. They loved the fact that the timber reacts to different light and has a natural feel.

As the owner told us: “During my travels in Scandinavia, I was always drawn to the wonderful wooden houses there, and how they show the ageing of the wood. It was that image that drew me towards the Brimstone poplar”.

Good looks. Low maintenance

Aside from helping them achieve the Scandinavian style, Brimstone also has the benefit of being incredibly hard wearing. As the timber is treated at such high temperatures, it creates a more durable, stable and consistent material. One that doesn’t need regular maintenance.

As the owner stated: “The fact that it doesn’t require any maintenance, at least not during my lifetime, was another added bonus”.

Award-winning results

The final home looks incredible. And we’re not the only ones to think that. ‘Lagom’ was shortlisted for House of the Year in the Custom/Self-build category in the Structural Timber Awards 2020.

It also achieved the low impact rating the owners were hoping for. A very respectable EPC rating of 98 out of 100, thanks to the materials used in the home’s construction.

A great result all round.

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