Brimstone cladding on the first homes certified 'Grown In Britain'

Product used Brimstone Ash Where South Gloucestershire Architect Mitchell Eley Gould

These beautiful, energy efficient homes are constructed with a timber frame made from local wood, incorporating a closed cell modular timber panel system containing (locally sourced) lambswool and wood fibre insulation. They are clad with Brimstone ash.

They are the culmination of years of planning and hard work from the team at Veya Homes, and the first homes to be certified 'Grown in Britain'. The team was presented with the GiB certificate at a special event at the show home, attended by members of the GiB and Brimstone team, and a delegation from DEFRA.

Working with architects Mitchell Eley Gould, and with a thoughtful selection of (almost) entirely locally sourced materials, the Veya team built energy efficient homes.

These are sustainable, high quality and competitively priced homes which are designed to be built efficiently as well as to run efficiently.

Sarah at Veya Homes (pictured above) developed a ‘sustainability tracker’ for every element of the build – from the timber frame and cladding, through the fixtures and fittings to every last door handle. The team wanted the design to go beyond the energy calculations in order to really understand the sourcing of all materials, their carbon profile and sustainability.

The building is clad with Brimstone ash, the thermally modified, durable timber sourced from British woodlands.

The results are beautiful.

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Brimstone shortlisted by ASBP for 'Product of the Year 2023'

Brimstone shortlisted by ASBP for 'Product of the Year 2023'

Brimstone ASBP Award Shortlist