Build It magazine 'Best Cladding' award goes to Brimstone

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Build It magazine presents Brimstone the award for Best Cladding.’

Brimstone Build It Award

We're proud to announce that Brimstone won Build It magazine's Award for best cladding.

Wolf, Dee and Stefan from the sales team picked up the prize on behalf of everyone working on Brimstone.

The Award was presented at an event in central London, hosted by comedian and writer Mark Steel. Presenting the award for 'Best Cladding', he said "our winner is durable and versatile… a round of applause to Vastern Timber for Brimstone!"

We are very proud that Brimstone was selected as the winner!

That's because our Brimstone cladding is made from locally sourced wood. It’s beautiful British timber cladding that was created to solve a problem. We wanted to find a way to use local wood, to help fund local woodlands, improve woodland management, reduce timber imports and road miles, and help UK woodlands to thrive.

Speaking at an Architects Climate Action Network event, Vastern Timber MD Tom Barnes explained the background to Brimstone's development.

"Brimstone came about because much of the wood that we have growing in our woodlands is not deemed to be desirable by the industry anymore.

There's lots of species growing in our woodlands that don't have a use, and therefore they
don't have value, and that means that woodland owners can't sell them. That means they don't have the money coming in to do the management, conservation work and replanting that’s needed for woodlands to thrive. The problem was how to give value to these timber species that we have in our local woods - and that really is where Brimstone came from."

Find out more about thermal modification and Brimstone in Build it Magazine: https://www.self-build.co.uk/benefits-thermally-modified-timber/

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