Grade II Listed Farmhouse

Product used Brimstone poplar Where Wiltshire Architect Kris Eley

Top architect, Kris Eley, had an intricate job on his hands. He was working on the external renovation and extension of a Grade II listed farmhouse. But the overall look had to be fresh and contemporary.

To meet the brief, Kris decided on a glass and vertical timber-clad design. He knew it would look beautiful, but the wooden cladding had to be hard wearing, come with as few knots as possible – and stay straight and true.

A big ask? Yes. But Brimstone ticked the boxes.

Durable and stable

Kris found many benefits in the Brimstone range. The wood is thermally modified, which means it’s heated to 210°. The result is a very stable final product that will last for many decades untreated.

Whether it’s dry, wet, hot or cold, the amount of shrinkage and expansion in Brimstone is minimal. This was an essential requirement for the project. The final layout was a 20 x 55mm square batten fixed vertically with a 5mm gap, so it was vital that the battens didn’t warp or distort over time.

Clean and contemporary cladding

The great thing about Brimstone is that it offers style as well as substance. Alongside its durability, the range contains relatively few knots, resulting in a clean and contemporary appearance. Perfect for the farmhouse.

With all the boxes ticked, we supplied 3200mts of 20x55mm cladding for the project. Some of which was pre-weathered on site so the cladding under the deep soffits would be the same colour as the vertical elevations.

Both architect and client were so happy that Vastern Timber also supplied sweet chestnut in a similar format for the ceiling of the kitchen, and for the internal window reveals and window boards.

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Product used Brimstone poplar Where Wiltshire Architect Nick Carroll

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